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What our company sells:
   Our company is a renowned seller of RuneScape Accounts, RuneScape Gold, and RuneScape Items. We have been selling to RuneScape players on gaming communities for over nine years. Having served over 100,000 satisfied customers over the years, our company can ensure that each and every customer will be satisfied with their purchase - guaranteed! Not everyone has time to spend countless hours on improving their account or accumulating in-game wealth. We hear you and we're here to change that. If you're interested in becoming wealthier or having better accounts than all of your RuneScape friends, then our services are perfect for you!

How our RuneScape gold is delivered:
   Since RuneScape released free trade, player to player gold trading is available. Therefore, we do not require any passwords or account details from you other than the account's username which you must supply when creating your shopping account. Once your purchase is completed, one of our workers will meet your character on RuneScape and directly trade the RuneScape Gold to you. While the transfer is in progress, one of our workers will be communicating with you via the Live Chat on our site until the gold transfer is successfully completed. If we are offline and are unable to immediately transfer your gold, your gold will be delivered within a few hours afterwards. If for some reason the arranged transfer time is not convenient for you, a different time for the RuneScape Gold transfer can be scheduled through Live Chat or email. If a time for transferring gold cannot be arranged, we will email you the details to a level 3 account containing your purchased gold. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!

Why we are superior to other gold companies:
+ We place customer satisfaction as our primary goal.
+ We have the best prices, guaranteed. We will price match any competitor.
+ We strive to provide instant product delivery.
+ We are an honest company. Our products sold to you are truly as described.
+ We are a trustworthy company. We will never reveal any information to Jagex Ltd.
+ We are an experienced company. Particularly on, our thread has reached over 150K views!
+ We are a respectable, America-based company. We have the highest reputation of being an account and gold seller.
+ We don't use child labor to collect our products. We fairly purchase our products from trusted distributors.